rebuilding after the storms have settled
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rebuilding after the storms have settled

Where I live, we have several months out of the year that are packed with devastating storms. These storms have been known to damage entire communities and leave many people's lives turned upside-down. During the days and weeks following these storms, we pull together as a community to help each other rebuild and repair the homes we live in. We have worked alongside some of the best damage contractors in the country. This blog contains a ton of information about the things that we have learned from those contractors during these devastating times each and every year through the worst possible storms.


rebuilding after the storms have settled

  • 5 Reasons Why Waterproofing Your Home is Essential

    27 December 2023

    Waterproofing services can be a crucial investment for homeowners, providing protection against potential water damage and saving you from costly repairs down the line. By ensuring your home is properly sealed and protected from moisture, you can prevent a range of issues, such as mold growth, structural damage, and even health risks. In this blog post, we will explore five reasons why waterproofing your home is essential. Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth

  • Surviving The Flood: A Homeowner's Essential Guide To Water Damage Recovery

    27 June 2023

    When a flood strikes, it doesn't just affect the structural integrity of your homeā€”it can disrupt your life. The aftermath of water damage is a challenging landscape, with potential issues ranging from mildew and mold to structural weaknesses. The immediate need for recovery can be overwhelming for any homeowner. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, you can navigate the journey to restore your home effectively and safely. Understanding the Extent of Damage 

  • Address Water Damage Within A Basement

    30 March 2023

    Standing water within a basement could be a direct result of a natural weather event or leaking plumbing. Once you discover pooling water, take measures to dry out the basement. Then, hire a damage contractor to perform essential upgrades.  The Preliminary Steps If water is detected while a heavy rainstorm is occurring, hold off addressing the pooling water until the rain has stopped. This step will prevent you from needing to address the standing water on more than one occasion.

  • Benefits Of Hiring Water Disaster Restoration Specialists

    10 January 2023

    Water disasters occur when least expected. Dealing with the effects of the damages they cause can be overwhelming, especially when you are not sure what you should do.  You can choose to handle the problem on your own instead of working with a professional. However, that is not always the best option, as many things could go wrong when you don't have the expertise or the tools to do so. 

  • The Importance Of Professional Mold Testing

    22 June 2022

    It is extremely important to make sure that your home is properly tested for mold, especially if you have had mold issues in the past. Even if you cannot see any mold, there might still be some mold lurking in places that are out of sight, such as behind the walls or under the carpet. To help you determine whether you are ready to call for professional mold testing services, you will want to learn why it is so important.