rebuilding after the storms have settled
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rebuilding after the storms have settled

Where I live, we have several months out of the year that are packed with devastating storms. These storms have been known to damage entire communities and leave many people's lives turned upside-down. During the days and weeks following these storms, we pull together as a community to help each other rebuild and repair the homes we live in. We have worked alongside some of the best damage contractors in the country. This blog contains a ton of information about the things that we have learned from those contractors during these devastating times each and every year through the worst possible storms.


rebuilding after the storms have settled

Address Water Damage Within A Basement

Samu Palo

Standing water within a basement could be a direct result of a natural weather event or leaking plumbing. Once you discover pooling water, take measures to dry out the basement. Then, hire a damage contractor to perform essential upgrades. 

The Preliminary Steps

If water is detected while a heavy rainstorm is occurring, hold off addressing the pooling water until the rain has stopped. This step will prevent you from needing to address the standing water on more than one occasion.

If you have detected a leaking pipe or appliance, the accumulating water can be handled right away. Avoid plugging in a wet/dry vacuum or a sump pump, unless you can safely do so without getting the equipment wet.

Open windows within the basement. This will allow ventilation to assist with drying out the basement. If there aren't many windows within the basement, fans can be used to increase the ventilation within the areas that have been affected by water accumulation.

Use a vacuum or a sump pump to collect standing water. If flooding within the basement is severe, hire a damage contractor. A damage contractor has access to industrial equipment that can safely and efficiently collect water.

A Contractor's Services

Minor water damage can be remedied with some basic steps. These involve drying surfaces and replacing flooring or wall materials that are saturated. An extensive water damage issue will necessitate the help of a damage contractor.

A water damage contractor will inspect the basement, document the damage, and aid with filing an insurance claim. They will also rip up damaged materials, dispose of the materials, and replace the materials. 

The Damage Restoration Project

A water damage project needs to be conducted in stages. First, a contractor will assess the premises and determine the severity of the damage. They will take note of whether any of the structural materials have weakened. They may take pictures of the damage and fill out a damage report. The pictures and report will support a flood insurance claim.

The contractor will prepare restoration plans. The first steps associated with a restoration project involve drying surfaces and throwing away materials that cannot be salvaged. Once these preliminary steps are complete, a contractor can focus on conducting upgrades within the basement.

Upgrades include repairing cracks in floors and walls and installing new structural materials. A contractor may apply a  waterproofing agent to all of the new materials. After the basement has been finished, it will be safe for occupancy. 

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