rebuilding after the storms have settled
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rebuilding after the storms have settled

Where I live, we have several months out of the year that are packed with devastating storms. These storms have been known to damage entire communities and leave many people's lives turned upside-down. During the days and weeks following these storms, we pull together as a community to help each other rebuild and repair the homes we live in. We have worked alongside some of the best damage contractors in the country. This blog contains a ton of information about the things that we have learned from those contractors during these devastating times each and every year through the worst possible storms.


rebuilding after the storms have settled

  • Tips To Help You Clean Up Your Home From Fire Damage

    25 September 2018

    Experiencing a fire in your home, whether small or widespread, can cause you stress and leave lingering fear from the event for some time. In addition to the emotional trauma, you will need to deal with a great deal of physical damage to your home from smoke, soot, fire, and fire suppression methods. Here are some tips to help you deal with the clean-up after a home fire. Handle the Repairs Immediately

  • No Need To Worry If You Hurry!

    30 April 2018

    It's happened. The scenario of your nightmares. You've returned from a fantastic family cruise in the Caribbean only to open the front door and find a puddle pooling out from the front mat. You quickly send out the troops (sometimes referred to as "children") to do reconnaissance on the damage. Tommy gives the all-clear from the upstairs bathroom. Laura shouts that all appears normal in the kitchen. There's a scream from the basement.

  • Two Surefire Signs You Should Consider Cleaning Your Air Ducts

    4 January 2018

    Your heating and cooling system is an elaborate series of parts, equipment, and ductwork. Each element of this system helps condition and move air into your home to keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter. While moving air, dirt, dust, and other debris may also move into your home through the ductwork. Removing this debris is possible through professional air duct cleaning. Here are two surefire signs you should consider cleaning your air ducts.